February 21, 2010

Rafts waiting at the by Deer Falls . Pencil sketches of 3" X 10" sketchbooks

Jimmy drifting through giant blocks on a calm section of the Colorado River

Erica getting close to the shoreline of basalt and cactus

Jimmy starting to move through the huge basalt boulders that have slid into the main course of the river

Oarboats in the morning under towering 6,000 ft cliffs of sandstone

Here is the website with much more photos of the rafting trip, panoramas and the complete sketches of the entire trip focusing on landscape in pencil and paint and sketchbook drawing done on the rafts with guides and action http://garygerathsjournal.com/

February 20, 2010

Storm clouds on Baldy Ridge & lower canyon trails. Pencil drawing 4" X 10"
Rain storm up San Antonio Canyon and Mt. Baldy. 20 minute pencil sketch focusing on value

4"X 11" pencil sketch of low & high ridges under rain clouds in Claremont Wilderness park. Pencil marks go with the topography of the canyons and shrubs

Rolling ridge and canyons under approaching storm. Claremont Wilderness park. 5" X 10" chisled pencil value study done on paper in 20 minutes.

February 1, 2010

A Week of 30 Minute Gardens & Mountain Pencil Sketches

Various graphite & pencil drawings done at Huntington Gardens, San Antonio Gardens & Sherwood Forest, a oak and birch grove up in Baldy Canyon.
These are relatively quick, 20 to 30 minutes sketches that focus on blocking out compositions, value comparisons and simplified quick texture scribbles.

Pencil drawings done at Huntington Gardens focusing on different close up compositions from the Desert Cactus section.
Though done quickly there is defiantly a focus on arranging the design shapes and using value contrasts to explain the plants.

Drawings from the Japanese Garden at the Huntington. Changing light means changing techniques and working tone and line together. Silhouettes are very important to organize the compositions.
Sketches are about 8" X 8" in size drawn out in portable sketchbook with chisel pencil point.

Small 4" X 3" drawings done at San Antonio Gardens. late afternoon light and raking light

12" X 8" pencil sketch of palms & cactus in late afternoon light. High contrast, back lit objects and lines are set up in the design. Solid & rhythm in the composition

Close up of a Sycamore tree and branches. Leaves help describe the ground plane perspective. San Antonio Gardens

Composition only blocked out this a mid-range level of tones and values to organize composition and space before committing to completion